Onalaska Dental Implants

Dental Imdental implantplants are rapidly becoming the preferred restorative option for replacing missing teeth or anchor points for dentures. They are often used instead of bridges since they can replace missing teeth without affecting neighboring natural teeth. Dental implants are simply artificial roots (usually made of titanium) that are placed by Dr. Feist or Dr. Siegert where your natural roots would be in your upper or lower jaw. Once the implant is in place your dentist will place a natural looking tooth on the implant that will enhance and restore your smile!

Dental implants are strong and durable and will last many years, but on occasion, they will have to be re-tightened or replaced due to normal wear.

What does getting an Implant involve?

3D Digitally Guided Surgeryguided implant surgery

At Feist Dental, Dr. Jon & Dr. Jake utilize the latest advancements in imaging technology to surgically place implants in the most ideal anatomical and mechanical position. With a precise placement, the implant restored is more stable and better positioned to endure the forces of mastication.
At the first appointment, 3D images and impressions are collected. Digital software is used to fabricate a surgical guide enabling precise implant placement. By utilizing 3D software, any vital anatomic structures can safely be avoided.

The second appointment involves local anesthetic administered to the surgical site, followed by guided placement of the implant. Implants are allowed to heal for several months before any force is applied to the area. Temporary teeth can be positioned over the implant during this healing phase. Several temporary options are available while preparations are made for the permanent implant restoration.
The last appointment entails a final impression for the fabrication of the new tooth to complete the dental implant process.

3D image